is there a way to change dedicated video memory without entering UEFI?

Hi guys, i'm new here... so lets just go to the point :D
i have 1536 MB dedicated video memory and 4469 available graphics memory.
is there a way to change that dedicated video memory without using Firmware cause i've tried "Advanced Startup" but my there is no UEFI firmware on the options. :(
Oh yeah, and i've tried the traditional ways(spammed the "Del" / "F12" and something like that when booting but still got no clue.) F2 will get me to some kind of setting but i know nothing.
FYI, im using Samsung laptop.
Any help would be very apreciated :)
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    In short no.

    The dedicated memory is what is physically built into your vga card.
    available memory is the system including you RAM in the calculation.

    More dedicated = new card with more ram. simple as that.
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