Need help finding drivers for Asus-G73JH

Hi, I need some help please. So, I just bought this Asus laptop from my roommate. It came with Windows 7, and i'm not interested in running it. So, I formatted the hard drive, and loaded XP Pro. But, i've spent the better part of the last week trying to find drivers for the hardware. The video card is a ATi HD5870. The WiFi is a Intel Centrino Advanced-N + WiMax 6250. I can't find XP drivers for either. I did find the Network Adapter driver for the Atheros AR8131. I'm wondering if i'm wasting time looking, or am I missing something here? I'm about to give up, reload 7, and sell it. My Sager 5793 runs XP great, so I have that to fall back on. I just thought the Asus might be an upgrade, is why I bought it.

Any help is appreciated here, thanks.

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  2. Emerald, I appreciate the help. I'll try the links, and report back.
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