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I have an annoying problem. Last week I opened up my pc to clean the parts and dust inside the machine. I took it a little bit further and took out every part individually, out of curiosity. Anyway, I reassembled the computer and opened it up, there was no problem. Then I made the driver update for my Nvidia graphic card. I restarted, no problem. However the next day the problems started, after I shut down the machine. The problems are:

- The power button doesn't work after shutting down the computer. To start the machine, I have to unplug the power cable, wait about ten seconds and plug it back. Then the power button works.

- Not the computer but monitor doesn't wake up after sleep, and I have to reset the computer twice. After the first reset, the computer starts again, I can see the boot screen but Windows doesn't come up. I have to restart again and precisely have to wait until the end of first reboot. During the second reboot the Windows asks if I want to continue from the saved session or delete the save point and start new.

I checked out some advices, it seems to be there are many problems such as mine. I did some tweaks in the power management section but didn't quite work.

I remember having the second issue after an Nvidia driver update. I had solved it by rolling back the update. But the first issue is something new.

What can I do?

Thanks for reading and advices in advance.
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    if it started after a driver update, download the latest stable drivers and get driver fusion.

    uninstall current driver and dont restart.
    run driver fusion nvidia driver cleaner and restart.
    install new driver as custom and only install display and hdmi drivers.

    see if this helps at all before moving on.
  2. Alright, I followed the exact steps you mentioned but both problems persists:

    - Deleted the Nvidia driver from Control Panel and didn't restart
    - Deleted everything about Nvidia from driver fusion and restarted
    - Installed the latest Nvidia driver from Nvidia's website with custom installation, installed only the display driver, not even PhysX.

    I don't know if it helps in any way but I have two monitors. When I press a keyboard button to wake computer up one of the monitors stay in standby while the other only wakes up but don't show desktop, and the keyboard turns offline afterwards.

    I may try rolling the driver update back again to one that works with no problem, but I want to keep this option as my final solution.
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