asus m5a97 le r2.0 amd 6300

hello, i have have a problem with c1e/c6 state giving off high pitched noise the c1e sends noise down my headset and the c6 state give's off the same noise from the motherboard when enabled.

now after switching off the c1e state the noise down my headset has gone.
the problem i am having is that my 6300 will get the full boost of 4.1ghz when c6 state is enabled but when turning off c6 state it will not go past 3.8

any help on why it's doing this would be great thanks
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    I read from other forum and you can do either 1) try difference brand MB since the noise comes from MB. 2) turn off c1e/c6 and let the 6300 run at 3.8ghz.
  2. thanks for replying. so if this is a motherboard problem what's the chance of me sending the MB back and getting it replaced and getting one back that has no noise at all.
  3. Sorry I am not sure, you can contact the support to see what they say.
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