Creating System Image with Windows 7 - Program files on OS SSD and 2nd HDD

I want to create a system image of my Windows 7 OS. When i go to the back-up and restore option through the Control Panel, by default my C drive and E Drive (containing program files) are selected.

The C drive contains the OS and is 60GB SSD, the E drive contains both program files and user files and is 500GB.

I have not tried any other programs to create a system image.

I am just concerned that if i install a new SSD for my C, and transfer the image, it will attempt to take EVERYTHING from the image, and put it to the C drive, instead of leaving it split between the two drives I already have set up. I need the assurance that the image would recognize to just overwrite what is on the E drive, and send the rest to the C drive as I have it set up currently.

Any assistance is appreciated!!
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  1. Best answer is my choice for creating system images.
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