Connectivity problem between TV and Laptop using HDMI cable

Hey guys, I'm much of a noob and I need your help. I'm gonna share all the info I know in the most efficient way I can regarding this issue.

I own a Lenovo Z570 with an nvidia 540M graphics card. The problem occurs when i attempt to connect the laptop to a Hisense tv via HDMI cable. Mind you, the Hisense LCD TV is some sort of chinese rip-off, I can't really determine the exact model of the tv. Nevertheless, the tv works well when connected via HDMI to my PlayStation3 and has ONLY ONCE and briefly been able to connect to my laptop through HDMI and it actually set itself to a cozy 1920x1080 resolution. After a laptop restart, it has stopped detecting the laptop. A big No Signal keeps staring at me from the tv, and the laptop does not detect the tv in the Screen Resolution tab, neither does it in the nvidia control pannel. The TV still detects the PS3 without any problems, and it has worked ONCE for the laptop, so I am absolutely clueless regarding what I should do. I am running Win7 64-bit.

The cable works fine when the laptop is connected to both Panasonic and Sony LCD TVs, but whenever an attempt is made to connect it to the Hisense, it fails, as windows does not detect the 2nd display and neither does the Hisense seem to detect.. well, anything. Tried all the Fn key + F keys combinations and nothing seems to get the image to display either on both displays (laptop and Tv) or just on the TV.

So - the cable isn't in any way the problem, since it works. The laptop isn't the problem, since it can connect with no issue to other TV sets, and the Hisense isn't the problem since it can connect to the PS3 without any issue using the same HDMI cable. The only issue is the Lenovo-Hisense HDMI connection.

My drivers are all up to date. I will gladly answer any more questions you have - to the extent of my kowledge (since I'm a noob) and I would really appreciate if I could get some help here.

Also please forgive me if I've posted in a wrong section or anything, it's my first time here and I've heard awesome things regarding this place.

Thanks a lot from your truly,
Sad Ionneh
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    If your laptop has an nVidia graphics display manager (no idea what its called, I have AMD Catalyst) - there should be an nVidia icon bottom right of the screen - open it

    There should be an option to:

    Extend displays
    Disable display

    assuming it detects there are 2 monitors attached (one being the TV). Making sure the TV is on and connected and try:

    a) extend display (to TV). If no show then -
    b) disable display (TV) and goto a)

    if theres still nothing try a lower resolution say 1280x720 (720p) - sometimes the display drivers throw out resolutions the TV can't handle and the screen remains black

    edit: do you get any display at alll on the TV when the laptop reboots? i.e. BIOS startup screen, etc?
  2. Thanks for the help, maybe i haven't been too clear on the matter at hand. This is from my fist post:

    "A big No Signal keeps staring at me from the tv, and the laptop does not detect the tv in the Screen Resolution tab, neither does it in the nvidia control pannel."

    So any assumption that the laptop might detect this particular Hisense TV is out of the question for the moment. However, the laptop DOES detect two other different TVs, and the Hisense TV does detect the PlayStation 3 console. All of this was done using the same HDMI cable.

    To be short, the laptop works, the tv works, the cable works. It's just that they can't detect each other.
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