Thinkpad not turning on; Power LED blinks for half a sec without any beep

So yea, as the title says my Lenevo Thinkpad L412 is not booting up. I tried full charging and full discharge but nothing helps. When I press the power button(while batter and/or power cable plugged in) the lights on power button and DVD drive flashes for like half a second and goes off. No beeps, nothing on the screen. It's now pretty old and out of warranty so I would prefer fixing it manually, any help regarding my issue?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Hard to tell, but sounds like a vital component is dead, motherboard, CPU, etc... But really hard to tell what. Might be better off to get a new laptop instead of sinking money in a old one.
  2. It's not that old that I shall buy a new one, it has a sandy bride Core i5 after all! :( And I don't use it much as I've build myself a new desktop but I need the files stored on the laptop and if possible get it working for emergency purposes!
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    Maybe someone else could chime in, but I'm not sure exactly where to start troubleshooting. The fact the laptop isn't working at all makes it hard to do test and troubleshoot. And since it's a laptop, you don't have any spare parts to test. You could always buy a new motherboard, a new CPU, etc... and hope it will fix it.

    But before that, you could always try to remove laptop battery, disconnect it, press power button to empty the capacitors. You could also try to remove CMOS battery, wait a few seconds and put it back in order to reset BIOS. But I doubt that any of these steps will get your laptop running but you never know.

    You might have to bring it to a computer store, they have spare parts and the tools to find more quickly which part is defective.
  4. Well then I'll just take it to service station to get it fixed. Thanks for the help! :)
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