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I used wireless network a long time now but i was just too tired of it constantly lost connection so i bought an ethernet cable.I removed the network card,unstalled drivers and took the ethernet cable to my Asus Maximus VI Gene motherboard.
And network didnt showed up.So i clicked on Network and Sharing Center and clicked on connect to new network.And then something showed up as ISP and i have no idea what that is so i called my network provider and they havnt heard of it either.I called the people who sold me the Ethernet cable and they said something was wrong with the network settings.So if you know what settings are wrong and how do i fix them?Or basiclly how do i connect to wired network? :P
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    I think you need to reinstall the motherboard's drivers, they'll contain the LAN drivers. Then try to connect the cable again.
  2. dude thank you thank you thank you so much! :DD
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