HDD speed limited to 20 MB/s in Lenovo T60.

My problem is that my HDD (HITACHI HTS541680J9SA00 (80 GB)) has limited speed to 20 MB/s.
Screenshot from HD TUNE:

S.M.A.R.T. is OK!

I have the newest driver for Intel SATA controller ICH7-M (

Very important screenshot from Ubuntu LiveCD:

As you can see speed is normal for this HDD, so there's something wrong in Windows (not BIOS)!

Why is it limited?

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  1. Considering that the HDD is not even a sata2 (it is only 1.5MBs speed) and a slow 5400 RPM and only a small 8MB cache parred with a low end laptop & chipset, that speed is not so bad.
  2. 20 MB/s is bad. On SATA I disks can get up to 150 MB/s speed. On Windows 7 I should get the same speed as on Linux (average 38 MB/s)! You can also see that graph doesn't look normal. It should go down, but my graph is (almost) constant at 20 MB/s (even at the end of line!).
  3. depends on how full the drive is and what bus the drive is connected to and the type of drive .. you wont get max rated speed with a full drive it if it is an ide drive then I would consider upgrading but to be honest with the speeds your getting on that drive you might be better off getting a usb 2.0 external drive because you will end up with about the same in data rate if not better.
  4. Your chart shows that you are getting a minimum of 1.5GBs. And higher. You are getting more than the HDD is rated for. Comparing the 2 OS's is like comparing apples to oranges. Ubuntu, is a leaner OS which probably helps too. Also, those are two different types of graphs, another apples to oranges comparison.
  5. TrueCrypt was the application that caused limit of 20 MB/s.
  6. Good to know. Is the whole HDD encrypted? I have my main computer's ssd totally encrypted. I am still getting speeds close to what the ssd is rated at. Although the Trim function has stopped working and I'm having to optimize the sdd manually every so often.
  7. Yes, whole HDD was encrypted. I decrypted it and I'm getting the same transfers as on Ubuntu.
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