GTX 780 4 Way SLI

i know there saying that its only 3 way at the minute but you guys saw this ini file thing? to allow 4, or you think nvidia will release it in a driver updaye at some point, i`m not up for splashing another 500 on a 4th card but the ini file thing got me thinking what ya thing guys
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  1. how in gods name do you need 4 780s let alone 3? are you triple monitor 144hz?
  2. just because i can man , i like the MAX from my games on my 15" screen dude , j/k 5760x1080 i run just need that extra ooooommmppp
  3. I would recommend against 4-way SLI with a card that powerful. 3 Way should be plenty of power for that resolution. The scaling in 4-way SLI is not good, and it can sometimes result in even lower framerates than with 3-way.
  4. yeah i read that man thats whats got me hooked to be honest i dunno about it thought , is it gen up as there`s no benches anywhere man thats whats bothering me
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    This is about 4-way Titans, but it would be very similar in your case. It is a video, but it is made by newegg, so I think it can be deemed accurate.
  6. cheers man i saw the scaling is horrid thanks again guys
  7. No problem. Enjoy those 780's, as you have a setup mere mortals can only dream of :D
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