Can't Connect my 3rd monitor

All my monitors work separately and dual eyefinity works, but i can't add my 3rd monitor, i'm using a xfx 7750 grafic card, says it's possible to Connect up to 6 monitors :S i have one monitor connected to the DP input using a HDMI/DP cable, the others are connected with HDMI to the monitor and DVI to the grafic card. What's wrong?
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  1. did you make sure to get an ACTIVE display port to hdmi connector otherwise it will not work if it is not an active adapter they tend to be more expensive.
  2. Have not checked it, but the monitor with that cable works dual, it's not a HDMI to display adapter it's a HDMI to display cable
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    yes it will work as a dual display, AMD cards only support 2 legacy devices at once, you need an ACTIVE display port to HDMI adapter instead of a passive cable.

    you can only have 2 displays using either HDMI/DVI or VGA connected at once, any others need to be DisplayPort or be connected using an ACTIVE displayport adapter.
  4. Mauller07 i have a amd radeon 7870 and i try to use 1. hdmi to hdmi and 2. Dvi to dvi and the 3rd was Mini Displayport to Dvi and it wouldn't work any ideas why
    all 3 are cables
    i can get 2 to work and windows sees the 3rd but can not extend the display
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