Best Graphics Card for around £300 (GTX 770 vs Sapphire AMD HD7970 Ghz)

I'm looking to buy a GPU for my first build. I'm willing to spend around £300, and i'm currently debating between the GTX 770 and Sapphire AMD HD7970 Ghz Edition, however i am open to any other options.

Build Specs -
CPU - Intel i5 3570k
RAM - 16GB 1600Mhz
Motherboard - Asus P8Z77-V

Display - Dual Monitor 23" (LG lps234)
Resolution - 1920 x 1080

PS. I have about 30cm clearance for the graphics card so it cant be too big.
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  1. Those two cards will give almost same performance. I would go for GTX 770.
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    Of those two, the GTX 770 is a bit faster and noticeably quieter - especially the Asus and MSI models.

    GTX 760 would be a great option too if you're on a tight budget. It'd give you the option to SLI later (if your PSU allows it) for a modest cost but GTX Titan -class performance. Buying two 760s right away would of course go well over your budget, but if you buy one now and a second one a year from now, you're going to get the second one much cheaper.
  3. Dont get a sli or crossfire setup, in the end its better just to get good strong cards and replace them as the years come vs getting a second card a year later because of new tech better efficiency and other things.

    Personally i would go with the nvidia
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