best Deathadder alternative.

im searching for a mouse that feels good and comfortable for gaming.
something like a deathadder.
i cant get the deathadder in my country, only for 80 euro but that ist worth it.
does somebody know a good mouse?
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    Not sure of the availability of SteelCase products in your area, but they have some decent products.

    I know Gigabyte is branching out, and a lot of their mice look interesting. (Though not so much to me, I like the smooth backed ones, ergonomic mice always seem to put pressure points on my palm)
  2. Thanks for the best answer, not really sure it was needed, but leaves an excellent opportunity.

    An addendum. If you own a steelseries mouse the software is not compatible with Windows 8.1 yet and must be uninstalled prior to upgrade. You can't install it after the fact either, it will stop Windows from booting.
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