How long would an RMA take, and is it worth it?

I've got a 7 month old corsair cx500 power supply that has been getting noisy. It does it at random, and sounds like an old motor is running, presumably just the fan. Is this dangerous at all? I've already done the online portion of RMA, and it was approved. The main problem is I will be going to college on the 23rd. The problem works both ways. I don't want to annoy roommates with the noise, but if the power supply arrives after the 23rd I will have to come home to get it. Is there any way to speed up the process?

More importantly though, this is the only power supply I have capable of handling the rest of my PC.. and I don't want to be without it for that long.. :(
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  1. When I RMAd my cx500 it took about a week for them to approve mine(Some issues) And then after it was approved it only took about another week for my new one to return to me. It also depends where you live at, the RMA has to be shipped to california, thats where mine went. I live 4 hours from there so thats why mine was so fast.
  2. Oh that's just lovely to hear. I live in New York. I'm guessing I could expect mine in a few weeks then?
  3. Yeah, you should have yours before the 23rd, depending how fast the shipping is. It should be fast enough.
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    Give them a call. Many companies will offer to ship you a replacement unit before you return yours if you buy it on a credit card. When they receive your defective unit they will credit the price back. This sort of credit return swap is very common.
  5. I rma'd a CX430 on 7/1.
    Sent it in promptly via priority mail.
    It was shipped back from CA on 7/12.
    Arrived here in FLA on 7/19.
    Sounds like you might be OK but close.
    It might not hurt to include a note explaining your need for speed.

    But, considering the low price of the CX500 and similar, I might be tempted to order a new one and sell the replacement which will come a new box. That is what I did.
  6. I just RMA'd my ElGato GameCapture HD, it should arrive on Wednesday, and they said it will take 1-2 weeks for a new one to arrive so yeah im also in pa and it shipped to cali.
  7. Thanks geofelt and Dogsnake for the information, I will likely be using the idea you suggested Dogsnake. That was exactly what I was looking for, as long as they will do it.
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