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After upgrading RAM, how do I increase usable RAM
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  1. bobu2357 said:
    After upgrading RAM, how do I increase usable RAM

    You don't. Windows does.
    What OS is it? And 32bit or 64bit?
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    If you have a 32bits OS and installed more than 3GB RAM, you need to upgrade to a 64bits OS - assuming you have a 64bits CPU.

    If you already have a 64bits CPU, 64bits OS, check that the BIOS is recognizing the extra RAM. If the BIOS doesn't see it then you either exceeded your platform's maximum RAM capacity or have a hardware compatibility issue.

    Lots of ifs since you didn't say anything about your CPU/RAM/MoBo.
  3. If you'd like more help, please state:

    1. How much RAM you installed (4GB, 8GB?)

    2. Do you have 64-bit or 32-bit Windows?

    3. If 32-bit Windows, how much VIDEO RAM does your graphics card/chip have?
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