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Hi, please excuse me if I've posted this thread on the wrong category and I'm kinda new here. I've been reading threads here for a while now and have been relying on all your info for the past times I've built a pc and making quick fixes.

So I'm currently using a HP G42-366TX and the cooling is just terrible. It is by far the worst cooling system I've seen in a laptop. So the question is if I could UNDERCLOCK it from its 2.53GHZ clock speed to around 1.9GHZ. I haven't fiddled with the BIOS yet and I am new to overclocking and underclocking. I have no experience whatsoever. And will this actually help in reducing the heat?

The fan is screaming loud and is running at max speed.

I have another Acer Laptop which is running an i3 at 1.9GHZ and is much more faster than the HP. I haven't even seen the fan of the Acer running at max speed.

Hope to hear from all the folks here. Thanks in advance! :)

P.S. To save you guys time from searching the processor. It's an i3-M380
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    I would check to make sure there isn't a build up of dust causing it to over heat first. But to answer your question Overclocking causes higher power consumption which in return increases temperature, conversely, underclocking trades off slower operation to reduce power consumption and temperature, cooling requirements.
  2. I cleaned up the fan. So the dust factor is out. I guess We can conclude that my laptop has a crappy heatsink. So can I UNDERCLOCK it? If I can, I hope some of the masters would give me a beginner's guide. Thanks! :)
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