Help with wake on LAN GA-A55M-DS2 (rev 3.0)

Hi All,

I'm trying to set up Wake on Lan for Windows 7- 32bit. My objective is to be able to start up the PC, it is necessary to start Windows for the icafe service with 100 PCs in the same time.

NIC: Realtek 8168_REV06
NIC Power Mgt settings enabled (allow device to power off computer, allow device to wake up computer, only allow magic packet to wake the computer, Wake on Magic Packet, Wake on pattern)

I tested Windows XP -32bit, results success.
If this times I don't unplug power and change HDD installed Windows 7 -32bit -> results success. Shutdown PC -> tried Wake on LAN again -> success

Then, I unplug power/ After that provide power back to the PC and press the start button Windows 7/ Shutdown the PC / tried Wake on LAN again -> failure.

Help me!
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