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I have a Satellite A665, and when I turn it on, it runs for 20 - 30 seconds then turns off. No display on monitor, it's completely blank. Tried removing/reinstalling battery, tried turning on with no battery just power, it all just doesn't work. The laptop is 2 years old, out of warranty. Please help! Thank you!
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  1. Sounds like you have a bad power supply or port. Service time.
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    a couple of things you can try.

    1. remove battery, remove hdd (usually can be removed from the bottom) remove 1 of 2 memory (bottom may show only 1, which means the other is on the other side, so take that one out).
    2. try getting the dust out by blowing compressed air into side vents out the bottom and/or other openings.
    3. plug in ac adapter, and try to turn it on. See if the shutdown issue goes away or not. make sure to NOT touch anything to make sure bad ac adaptor connection isn't causing shutdown issue (very common).
    4. if still no display, try to plug it into external monitor (vga, hdmi, etc), and see if signal goes to external display (check manual to see how to toggle display, to make sure). if display comes on, you have lcd monitor or display cabling issue.
    4. if still no display, you have no boot or no display failure (mobo, cpu, gpu, or ram)
  3. Thanks to all who replied, I really appreciate it. Will try to see how far I get with disassembly, if not then repair shop here I come. Just curious if anyone out there has similar problems with Satellites - my 1st and not very happy with Toshiba.
  4. Thanks again to all who replied. Well, looked up how to on net, removed/reinserted hd & ram. Turned on laptop, (said little prayer..), and voila! Booted up as normal - YES!!!! You all saved me much time and $$$'s! Thanks again - you folks rock!
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