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I recently finished my office and moved my computer into it. Unfortunately when I want to use my computer in my living room and use using my TV as the screen, the wireless mouse, keyboard and Bluetooth ps3 controller are no longer in range. Is there a Wireless USB hub that I can get so I can connect all the USB/Bluetooth dongles to it and get more range? or a USB Hub that I can connect to the router and still be connected to the computer?

Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated.

I attached a quick visual of the problem.

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    I worked with a wireless USB hub during college for a project and it was only food for about 20 or so feet with no objects in the way. It wouldn't work through walls and even a body in the way would disrupt the signal. I would look into a long USB cable and slap a hub to the end of it, wireless USB is getting harder and more expensive to come by because it never really took off.
  2. If you have numerous USB devices which create cable clutter, then wireless USB hubs are the best way. Before buying the hub, it is better to confirm that the hub and associated software and drivers are compatible with your system. Also, it is better to get the latest driver update for the USB devices.
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