Help with triple 780 phys x card

running 3 gtx 780`s p[laying a lot of metro and borderlands 2 plus last light, what would you recommend as a phys x card currently i have a gtx 650 2gb laying on my desk i dont know weather it slow it down or help in any way as dedicated phys x , oh i can get the 660 as well friend has a spare zotac 2gb one
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    the 650 will be plenty for physx, more than enough.
  2. well..
    with 3 (three) 780, you'll not need another card for dedicated physix..

    even your cards is more than powerfull to handle it..

    *3x780..? LOL, i'm still saving for my first 770..:D
  3. 3x 780 is more than capable of doing a bit of Physx, buying a card for it is pointless.
  4. no i already have the 2 cards here, and was wondering if it would hurt performance adding one for phys x bassically
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