Found cheap 2560x1440 monitors on eBay, should I get them?

Hi, after searching on the internet for the cheapest 2560x1440 monitors that I can find, I found this on eBay:

They have excellent prices, good resolutions (2560x1440) but a lot of people tell me not to buy them because they're all Korean.

What are your thoughts on this? Would you recommend these monitors?
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  1. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

    CAVEAT EMPTOR! Let the Buyer beware!

    Would you want to have to deal with someone in S. Korea over a warranty issue?
  2. I don't really know much about that monitor. The monitor being from Korea doesn't really mean much since they're often from there anyways (think samsung). A couple things to note about this monitor are that it only seems to have a DVI-D input (no display port or hdmi) AND has a different plug. The description states its the Korean C plug type, which is two pronged, but not like what we use in the USA.
  3. No, you will have to pay customs on those when they arrive at the door step. Plus, they are not "perfect pixel." So they will have dead pixels. Don't be cheap, get a good brand.
  4. Monitors are like speakers. Unless you personally have eyeballed it, or know someone who's a crapshoot.

    They are cheap and on eBay for a reason.
  5. All most all of them use a LG panel, Basically the same panels provided to Dell and Apple.
    The difference is in the "Grading" of the panel in most cases and in some cases simply that LG made to many.
    Problem is you have no control over the "quality" of the panel, may get good, smaller change a Excellent panel.
    As noted above Input connectors tend to be very limited.

    Microcenter was selling one of these for around $399 which had very good reviews, but just checked and did not see a listing for it. Reason I remember it is that I was debating between it and the Asus 27" ISP monitor. NOTE the Asus uses the Samsung PLS display. Ended up spending the extra $150 for the Asus because of the inputs.

    If your lucky and get a good one, you have just saved a couple of hundred clams - Problem is if you do not then it could be a hassle exchanging it - As One poster noted - CHECK the spec for input connectors. This was a Big issue for me as I wanted to connect 2 computers Plus a Stand-a-lone DVD recorder (Cable input) to it.

    @ fudoka711 "seems to have a DVI-D input "
    There is a reason for lack of HDMI. Ideally you want to use the Displayport and the only draw back of the DVI is the lack of audio. HDMI only supports 1080, so monitors with 1440 use a internal circuit to convert 1080 to 1440 (or should I say fake-it LOL).
    My Asus has 1 each so one computer uses the displayport, 2nd computer the DVI-d (both support the 1440 Res) and then My external DVD recorder which provides HDMI uses the HDMI connector.

    Back - Here is the "Korean" Monitor I almost picked up - Liked it better than the much more expensive Dell 27",_WQHD_2560x1440,_HDMI,_DVI-D,_DisplayPort,_USB
    Here is a review of the Nixeus NX-VUE27, it talks about the panel grading - Read the reader comments which deal with the "Korean" imports and also comments on the Auria:
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    PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant / Benchmarks

    Monitor: AOC q2963Pm 60Hz 29.0" Monitor ($449.99 @ Newegg)
    Total: $449.99
    (Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available.)
    (Generated by PCPartPicker 2013-08-02 17:08 EDT-0400)
  7. From Tom's review
    Bottom Line: These issues aside, Auria delivers a solid product with great performance at a presently-unmatched value. If you can overcome a few ergonomic challenges, the EQ276W might be the monitor for you. Plus, at just $400 a piece, you can buy two for the price of most competing 27” QHD screens.

    REF Full review:,3465-10.html

    While this is also one of the "Korean" import models, it is a cut above most found on ebay - may also be why it's hard to find.

    Added, ON the AOC q2963pm
    Please catch this is a 2560 x 1080 which is a ULTRA wide 21:9 display.
    The 27" 2560 x 1440 are a 16:9 conventional wide screen.
    What 21:9 means is that it is great for replacing a dual monitor set up for viewing multiple windows BUT most games and dvd movies are 16:9.
    Have to be honest though, Have not seen what a 16:9 looks like when displayed at 21:9
  8. Quote:
    What 21:9 means is that it is great for replacing a dual monitor set up for viewing multiple windows BUT most games and dvd movies are 16:9.
    Have to be honest though, Have not seen what a 16:9 looks like when displayed at 21:9

    Speaking of 21:9

    I'm on the hunt for a new large TV. 55" or larger. One of my favorite sites had a Visio 58" 21:9.
    After reading many reviews, one of the main issues is little or no content of that dimension. 16:9 movies & data just looks silly with large black bars on the sides. And stretched looks even worse.
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