Nvidia 3DTV play or TV's native 2D to 3D conversion?

I have a question about my 3DTV and gaming with my PC. I just bought a TV that converts 2d to 3d. I was wondering if it was worth buying the Nvidia 3DTV Play software or if I am better off letting the TV convert it. I loaded Guild wars 2 and let the TV convert it and it look pretty good. Would there be any difference if I had 3DTV play installed?
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    2D to 3D conversion provides a frame buffer effect, like looking at a popup book. Things are at different depths, but they themselves tend to look flat. The 3DTV software is the real deal, it's not comparable.

    Also I imagine there is alot of input lag on a TV doing conversion.
  2. you need to set your display output to split screen 3d where one eye shows on one half the screen and the other eye shows on the other half, this is how most current bluray players send 3d videos and the tv will mix the views together to display them.
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