CPU very hot.. Need help. Don't know what the problem is.

So. I'm not a great techie. haven't build this pc. I Bought it. was low on money. but my cpu is 50-60 idle and 70c Under load gets up to 80 on GW2. I Don't know what it is.

I checked my Bios. 55 degrees there. It says there's no System fan. And The cpu fan is @ 60 degrees mark or so. or atleast i've put it there as it was on 65.

here's the pc.

hope you guys know what I should do.

You guys think the Heatsink/Thermal paste is not applied well?

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  1. you could try to redo the thermalpaste, clean off the old stuff with a cloth and isopropyl alcohol.

    place a rice grain sized amount in the centre of the cpu and then place the heatsink square down onto the processor, give it a few light twists and then clamp it without lifting it.

    if you lift the heatsink at any time you will need to clean it and restart from scratch for best results.
  2. Thanks! No need to get an extra fan? I guess i'll be heading into town tomorrow.
  3. make sure your case has atleast a fan in the front drawing air in and a fan on the back pushing hot air out.
  4. instead of buying a fan get a hyper 212 evo cooler to lessen temp and even o.c.
    its a pretty high end cooler
  5. You may wish to investigate a different CPU HEATSINK+FAN combo. You can GUESStimate how good it is by the size.

    If you do, you will have to find out if that motherboard supports PWM or Voltage fans to get fan control. Stores like NCIX and Newegg can give you an idea what is available for your socket which is FM2.

    *I would suspect it is a PWM controller for the CPU fan.
  6. Okay I just ordered the Hyper 212. Wish me luck mounting it. hehe.
  7. Best answer
    You will have no problem installing it
    Go for it
    Dont frget to close the post
  8. when my graph card heated up i relaced the paste and it when from going to 100 degrees to 70 max
  9. oh my, that is cheap for it's parts.
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