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So I have a question. I finally completed my rig and my new fans are "blinking" if you might. I only have a 530 watt PSU so I was afraid that I didn't have adequate power. So my LEDs in my fans will now run at max brightness then flicker down once in a while under load. Not shut off, just kind of lose brightness. I am also running a FAM controller. Is the fan controller, fans or the PSU to blame? I'm betting the PSU and is it a negative to run near max load consistently? I don't care if the PSU dies after a whole. I just don't want to blow up my CPU or something.

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  1. The leds on the fan only eat a little voltage from your PSU. I think it's the fan controller's fault here. You also plug a power cord from the PSU to the fan controller right? Try changing the molex connector.
  2. If its a known good brand psu you will need a huge gpu to max 530 watts out or two ordinary ones. I doubt your new psu is at fault.
  3. I have a radeon 7850 and an fx6300.

    The controller is an nzxt sentry 2
  4. Make and model of PSU?
  5. Rosewill green series rg530 80 plus bronze certified
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    It's a decent unit , should be able to handle your specs.I doubt it's the PSU.
  7. I mean its fine if it does it. I just don't want to blow up my CPU or blow something on my mobo
  8. I doubt that will happen.
  9. Alright. Cool. Do you think I'm safe to over clock just a bit. Maybe to 4.3-4.5? Or should I upgrade PSU? I'm not a PS expert so I'm not too sure
  10. I would upgrade the PSU.
  11. OK. Great. Thanks. I'll put it off for a little while then.

    Thanks for all the help
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