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Hello everybody I have a YLOD or Yellow Light Of Death PS3. I am going to fix it, but before I am going to do that I first want to solve a problem on my PS3 HDD. So I have taken my PS3 HDD out and put it in my 2.5" USB to S-ATA converter.
Now when I plug the HDD in my PC it says biip like any other USB thingy, but then it doesn't show up in my Computer.
If I use the safe remove of hardware button it only says
Push USB to Serial-ATA bridge out. I don't want to format it since I have many days of save games on there. Please what should I do?
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    to my knowledge, your screwed. PS3 drives cant be read by anything but the ps3 it came out of. Stick it into anther ps3 and you will only have the option of formatting it. Perhaps things have changed in the last year or so. A ps3 forum might provide more help.
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