HYPER 212 EVO Thermal paste?

I got myself a Hyper 212 Evo heatsink so I can overclock my Haswell i5 to 4.2 Ghz(gonna be a challenge I know). I opened the package up and it happens to come with CM thermal paste. Would you guys use that paste or go for a better solution? I want to be able to get a really nice seal, since the last time I used a stock cooler I almost screwed up my Mobo since the paste didnt sit correctly.
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  1. Use the paste provided, if temps aren't what you want, buy something else.
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  3. I would say try to provided paste. $10-20 paste is usually overrated.
  4. Stay with cm paste. You already bought an aftermarket heatsink and really $15 more for a better paste will make a 4 degree difference, if that. If you want to buy better paste, spend 15 more on a better cooler instead. The cooler makes more difference than the kind of paste you use.
  5. Help please I got a small strand of the paste on my mobo and it's only on the flat part and not on any components but it in this small silver crevice is this paste conductive with it fry any thing and do I clean it off please help hurry I didn't get any on any components but the mobo just a small bit and it's the same cm paste that comes with cm hyper 212 evo how do I get it off is it okay to just leave there please help
  6. Do you have cotton swabs?
    That should do it
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