Best Quad Core i7's with 16G of RAM.

So I am in the market for a good performance laptop. Looking between a 14" to 16". 17 is too big. I am looking for a quad core i7 and 16G of ram. I do play Starcraft. Apart from that I am not that much of a gamer. I came across Lenovo Ideapad Y500 or Y510. Do like the dual 750M's. Is it worth getting that over any other laptop with a single GT765M. If so what is my best bet? Don't want to break the bank of this either.

What about Sager NP7352. Looks like the best deal
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    that sager is a good one. dual 750m might be overkill. i play sc2 with 1 650m with no problems on high. and for just gaming 8 gb of ram more than enough. you wont come close to using it all. and for the processor just get the cheapest i7 quad core. not really worth it to spend hundreds more for couple 100 mhz.
  2. pulled the plug on the Y510P from newegg and a SSD hdd.
  3. sdk22 said:
    pulled the plug on the Y510P from newegg and a SSD hdd.

    Core i7 3rd/4th generation laptops are coming up check them out here -
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