Built in Microphone is not working on laptop

It has a built in microphone and cam but the microphone is not working! the cam works fine and when i go to the devices in recording it shows its not plugged in. But its already built in? helppp. Toshiba Satelite L755D-S5204
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  1. download the driver from the manufacturers website.
  2. K3N5T3R said:
    download the driver from the manufacturers website.

    I Did and it didnt work >.< I even uninstalled all the sound drivers and reinstalled them and it didnt do anything with the microphone! it still says its unplugged but its built in! I even have a skype sticker on the top of my laptop screen that says Voice and video calling with built in webcam and mic! hellp
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    I had a similar problem. In my case the drivers were fine, windows 7 was detecting the in built microphone, but I wasnt picking up any sound, laptop about a year old.

    I think a lot of these microphone problems people have with their laptops is with the wire connecting the mic to the mothetboard, running through the hinge. I noticed that the microphone started working if the laptop screen was open less than about 75 degrees, but one open to 90 or more it stopped.

    Something had come loose or split but this might be the same trouble you're, and a lot of others, are having.
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