Best possible full tower case for air cooling?

I currently have the Cooler Master Storm Scout which I have been very happy with. But things are kinda tight in there and I'm thinking of upgrading to a full tower case. I have been looking at the Rosewill Thor v2 which looks pretty nice and apparently has great air flow and has great reviews but I am up for some suggestions. I want to try and get the best possible case for air cooling with the max budget of 110$. I will be running an amd 6300 and a 760, nothing to special but they do run a bit hot, so I would like good airflow and something not loud, possible a cAse that I won't have to change the fans on. Thanks a lot guys! Forgot to mention I need something with good cable management as that will help out a lot!
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    this is the best case u can get
    great case

    Case: Rosewill THOR V2 ATX Full Tower Case ($110.49 @ Amazon)
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