what should i get? i5 2400 or i5 3470 for gaming

Hello guys!

what should i get? i5 2400 for 90 euros or i5 3470 for 135 euros? (second hand both) i'm not interested in overclocking.

i'm building a new rig and this is what i have so far:

Mobo: Asus p8H77-v-le
Ram: 2x4gb Kingston HyperX 1600 mhz beast series
hdd: SSD intel 60 gb 330 series
PSU: Corsair vs450
Gpu: Sapphire 7850 2gb oc

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  1. a 3470 is better for u to have great performance
  2. go for 2400 it won''t bottleneck 7850 in gaming
  3. Being that there is a 100mhz clock difference the 3470 will prob be better as its a ivy bridge cpu, but both are a good choice prob very close in performance with the 3470 being very slightly ahead, pick one that u think is in better condition or meets ur price, the 2400 seems the better deal as comparing its retail price to what ur paying for it is alot less than the 3470 retail to asking price. Beside the small gain from SB to IB and 100Mhz on the clock speed both are prob very similar to another in regular everyday use and gaming etc.
  4. i'm not sure because of the pci e 3.0 ... both Gpu and mobo supports it . it's there a big difference between 2.0 and 3.0
  5. theres a minimum diff between 2 n 3
    no wrries about pci-e 2 n 3
  6. the problem is thai if i get the 3470 i need to give up on a case (zalman z11) , but i have a bench test around here

    and i plan to upgrade with another 7850 2 gb in the future for cfx

    i'm so confused
  7. dont ever crossfire
    it has many micro shuttering issues
    for multiple gpu sttup buy a 2400 and put the saved money to a gtx 760 and later on put another and it will outperform a gtx titan
  8. no, i don't have the gpu and cpu yet , it's hard for me to decide what to chose my budget beeing 260-270 euros
  9. Best answer
    get a gtx 760 and a 2400 i5
  10. that's around 345 euros (i want that the gpu to be new) i could take the 2400 this week, use the intel hd untill i have the money for the gtx. i think i could whait a couple of weeks for that gpu monster :))))
  11. what about the bench test? is it safe to run untill i have money for the case?
  12. yeah it would be doin good but remember get a case asap;-)
  13. i really appreciate your help and thank you very much sir! :) i can't wait my first power on with this! every year i'm building a new computer as a gift for my birthday :))) and that power on is what makes me feel happy :D thank you again and have a good day !
  14. have a great built

    glad it helped
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