Seagate External Drive Initialization Problem

I have a Seagate SRD00F2 and I just formatted and reinstalled Windows 7. I had Windows 7 installed on my SSD and only deleted and formatted the SSD. When I usually do this, all I need to do is install the USB 3.0 drivers from my motherboard drivers and the external drive is recognized and everything is good to go.

When I currently go into Disk Management, a popup comes up telling me I need to initialize the disk and either choose MBR or GPT. Either one I chose and press OK, it comes up with an error of "Data error (cyclic redundancy check) It is Not Initialized and Unallocated with a black bar.

I tried getting Seagate Manager and that keeps trying to tell me to format the drive. I don't want to format it because I have a lot of important information on it and I just have no idea how a simple windows reformat could have anything to do with this... the reformat was on a totally separate internal solid state drive.

I'm thinking and hoping there could be some sort of setting in windows that I forgot about or something... or at least any way to get some of the files off the drive before formatting it. Any ideas?
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    Try this :

    If you are able to pull the data out, then format it. And one thing to keep in mind, when you formatting a drive keep the other drive unplugged, to be safe.
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