HDDs in my new pc making sweeping sounds ?

I don't think I need to worry about this but basically the 2 HDDs in my new pc make a sweeping sound. If I put my hand on the side or in the front of the case u can feel a strong rotating vibration. they are 7200 rpm HDD 320 gb and 100 GBs HDD. I've have really had a problem with them I am using the NZXT phantom case. even with the rubber groumets built into the Hard drive sleds they still vibrate. besides when I only had my SSD in there was absolutely no vibrations.
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    Use some screws to tighten the HDD's, and everything will be fine. SSD's are light weight and don't have platters in it so no movement and no vibrations.
  2. Well they have all the screws in the HDDs they aren't really screws there like pins u slide into the hole of the rack to put in the HDDs with a rubber garment between.

    this is the phantom 820 case but the original phantom is the same for mounting.,4-T-356573-22.jpg
  3. Yes I knew it, its called screw less mounting design. Pull the pins out which are holding the HDD and use four screws to tighten things up. You will be fine.
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