SLI Momentary Freezing/Buzzing Problem

Asus P8Z68-v-Pro mobo
16gb G.Skill DDR3 1600
Intel 510 series 120gb SDD (For OS)
WD 1TB 7200 rpm HD (For game data)
Antec 900w power supply
Windows 7

Quick summary, I've been having an issue for a while with momentary freezing (less than a second) accompanied by a buzzing sound while gaming. It happens randomly averaging maybe once every 10-30 seconds, sometimes happening multiple times in a row. Load/temps don't seem to matter that much. Actually the game that does it the worst is Fallout New Vegas and that hardly taxes the system at all.

I think that it is an SLI issue, since when I run only one of my video cards in either PCI-E slot, I have absolutely zero issues with either card. I've been scouring the web for an answer without much success so far. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. I never heard buzzing from a GFX card, PSU yes, GFX card no.

    Have you run OCCT GPU test ? Closely monitor voltage and temps throughout

    If it is not a Signature, CP, HCP or HCG series, id be hesitant to run the PSU test
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    This is definately an SLI issue, it can be a pain the arse to setup but its great when it works well. Here are a couple of things to try.

    1:- Swap the cards around card 1 > slot 1, card 2 > slot 2, card 1 > slot 2, card 2 > slot 1

    2:- Try a different SLI bridge

    3:- remove all Nvidia drivers and reinstall them with only 1 card installed.

    4:- In NVP, set single display performance mode, maximum performance power option. (EDIT - Try this one first)

    Good luck!
  3. Ok, just to wrap this up, the problem is fixed now. About a month ago a new graphics driver update came out and the momentary freezing problem went away. So apparently it was just a driver issue that was fixed with an update. Thanks for the responses guys!
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