which cpu heatsink should i get?

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  1. the CM evo is a better cooler and its cheaper!!
    compare both here:
  2. its at 47 dba
  3. in this test, as it states, the fan is at max speed, so it will be louder then standard operating conditions. the CNPS8900 is at 48dba on high
  4. how loud will it be under normal circumstances, like playing crysis 3/far cry 3 type of games? i am using a stock amd cpu cooler. how much better is this?
  5. if i get the hyper 212 evo should i get this

    or just use the one that comes with it? i dont mind paying the $14 by the way.
  6. what exactly will this help with. sorry for dumb question
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    the thermal compound allows a better thermal conductivity between the cpu and the heatsink of the cpu cooler. A good thermal compound has better conductivity, allowing more heat to transfer from your cpu to the fins of the cooler.

    The artic silver 5 or artic mx-4 are good brands, however, the one at microcenter is a 12g size which is too much for just one application. I would search other websites and get a 4g one which will be ~$5-10.

    The CM evo is much better then the stock cooling and can be about ~25c cooler and quieter.
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