not sure if graphics card is too big

hi, I have just upgraded an old pc by replacing the psu for a corsair cx500
and adding a ASUS RADEON HD 1GB 7770 DIRECTCU II TOP AMD Radeon Graphics Card

when i fitted the card it only just fits in the case and covers up most of the sata slots on the motherboard. One slot is left visable but with the card fitted it pushes slightly on the sata cable

any way i turned on the pc and the graphics card's fan spun fast and was loud
i got nothing on screen so i turned it off and reseated the card and it worked fine.
so i put the side back on, put the pc in its place, turned the pc on and got the same problem

I had to pull the card out and put it back in several times before it worked again,

is the card too heavy or big for my motherboard?

also i tried the card in my main pc and it works fine

so im wondering whether to sell the card and go for a smaller one like
Sapphire Technology AMD Radeon 7770 HD 1GB

my specs are

core 2 quad Q6700
corsair cx500
4gb ram ddr2
motherboard acer aspire m3641

any advice on my situation?
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    its unlikely to be a weight problem. more like a loose connection either at the cards power or the psu if its modular. make sure you push the wires into the blocks as well ass testing the blocks themselves.

    i know this is simples, but make sure you let the psu drain its residual current properly before you remove the plug from the wall. or you may not be able to power on the next time you turn it on.
  2. I doubt a HD7770 is going to be too big or heavy for any system.
    Just make sure you secure it correctly and relocate any SATA cables as required, etc.
    - Windows gives each HDD a GUID once installed, so you can mix and match the SATA connections without breaking it.
  3. Ive made sure the card is in securely and the power cable is properly fitted
    the pc worked for 3 hrs absolutely fine plays games no problem
    then rebooted and have the same problem, black screen loud fan sound from graphics card
    wondering if the second hand cx500 i bought is faulty
  4. ive narrowed down the problem, I only get the black screen after a reboot,
    also if i switch off the psu for a few minutes in between reboots then it works fine
    so is it a faulty psu?
  5. sounds lit its retaining a static charge somewhere, so yeah i guess it may be faulty. even the best brands have fails.
    when i have seen this issue.
    i turn off the pc at the wall and hit power on on the pc if the fans, led's light up for a split second then remove the plug. i give it 30 seconds and plug it back in making sure i turned the psu off before you do so. hit the switch on the psu, hit the power and the pc should come on and stay on... then hit windows restart and see if it works. if it does hold the power button for 4 seconds. the pc should shut off. dont worry its meant to... give it 20 seconds and hit the power button on the pc.
    hopefully it will boot properly after this.
    note some psu's take a little longer than others to dissipate there residual current. so always check the motherboard to see all the led's have gone out before you go any further than opening the case.
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