Motherboard for AMD fx 8320 (on a budget)

I'm planning to build my first pc and was wondering what would be the best motherboard i could get to go with a fx 8320, i may overclock in the future (not for really sure yet) and my budget for a mobo is at the most £65
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    then you should go for this one :

    or this one too , both are good value mid end motherboard .

    it's not the best for overclocking but i should be fine with that motherboard if you are planing to overclock that FX-8320 to ~ 4 GHz , 4.2 GHz or something like that !!

    and yes , that CPU is awesome , it's the best value CPU at the market , it has beast performance using all cores even better than most i5 processor in overall performance .
  2. The MSI 970A-G43 should do well, if you do not plan on future SLI or Crossfire. It also has some pretty nice overclocking features.
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