zotac 8800gts 512mb for ep35 ds3

Sir , please another GPU Zotac 8800 gts for ep35 ds3 PSU 450 watts is it ok to use
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  1. is this a fishing expedition?
  2. You need to make that post understandable.

    Are you asking if a 8800gts will run on a 450 watt power supply?
  3. the answer would be yes but............ this is the second question, similar specs, different card.
  4. 5450. Hope they do not plan too much gaming.....
  5. Sort of swifty_morgan sir, they are offering 2 cards actually almost the same price and I would want to get the better of the 2 for the ep325 ds3 the procie is a q9450, OS is winxp probably upgrade to win7 use of the pc a little gaming, a little browsing and other light stuff. Hope to get your expert advise, 8800gts needs lots of power performs better but a little old on the other hand hd 5450 needs less power performs less but a newer card. Please help me make the best choice.Thanks very much
  6. yes nukemaster sir,I have an ep35 ds3 with a q9450, a 7600 gs GPU, I will replace the GPU and put it on another pc, A friend offered to sell me one of 2 cards a Sapphire hd 5450 or a Zotac 8800gts. I would like to ask which of the 2 is the best choice. Will use pc for a little gaming and other stuffs but not the heavy stuff. Thanks for any advice.
  7. Your answer was yes with a but, Need your best opinion sir, regarding the matter. The HD 5450 or the 8800gts, both being offered almost same price.
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    The 8800GTS is faster, just remember it also takes more power so needs a better power supply.

    If you look here and scroll down you will see cards that are comparable to one another(you will still see a good difference from cards in the same performance level).

    The 8800GTS is 9+ higher.
  9. Sirs, thanks for all the answers to these inquiry i think I will get the 8800gts want to get some edge for the core2quad. Thanks again and GOD Bless.
  10. The card should be a good match for the cpu. It is still older so you will have to adjust settings to get the best performance out of the system.
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