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I just bought a laptop (Lenovo y500 with 8gb RAM, i7 and nvidia geforce 750m) and am looking to add to the graphics by purchasing an sli graphics card to replace the ultrabay. I cannot find a 750m sli card, so would a 650m work in tandem?
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    The 650m will not work. The 750m ultrabay card is in small supply with a pretty high demand. It will pop up in the lenovo store every so often. You could try to contact lenovo for more info. You will probably also need a new power brick. You can check the sticker on yours, it is probably the 65w version. You'll need the 170w version.
  2. contact lenovo directly about the 750M SLI, they make it impossible to find on their site
  3. i just chatted with them, they said it should be restocked at the end of august
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