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Does the Gigabyte GA - 870A - UD3 support 2 Saphire HD 7970's? I have them installed now but they will not crossfire.
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    yeah, 870 chipset only supports one graphics card.
    and they are replaced by the new generation 900 series: 970 only one GPU, 990X 2-way CF, and 990FX up to 4-way CF.
  2. OK Thank you very much... one more question I have 2 Sapphire HD 7970's installed in the mobo see's the first one no problem (pci-e 16x slot) the second one it's not seeing (pci-e 4x slot) does it have to be at least a pci-e 8x to see the card...thanks
  3. it doesn't see it because they are put together... and not suporting crossfire. if you put only one in the second pci-ex maybe it'll run at x4 mode, not x16. but both at the same time, no. in the manual doesn't mention nothing about two videocards installed.
  4. thank you
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