CM Storm Stryker / H100i with half push pull

So basically I've heard it's impossible without modding the case to use push pull configurations with the CM Storm Stryker because of the handle on top. In order to have some push pull I have fixed a corsair fan from an h80 pulling on top of the radiator towards the back of the radiator and under the hood of the case. Do you think this will benefit me or will it not make a difference at all? Also because the sp120 fans included with the h100i spin up to 2700 rpm, I've hooked the h80 fan (that spins up to 2500 rpm to the same wire that hooks into the h100i as the sp120 below it, so I can control both fans on the back end of the rad to 2500 max.

Also I should note I'm asking and can't yet try it because my motherboard is still on RMA.
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  1. dont think the 3rd fan will make any real difference
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    I have the black version of the case now, the CM storm trooper and I don't think it'll make any difference. I'm doing just fine with 2 fans pushing air through the radiator and out the top. Then to make sure it gets fresh air I set the rear fan to blow air into the case.
  3. yeah i have 2 storm troopers and have tried different fan placements

    and 2 fans on the rad as intake or out take works fine

    just got a 360 rad and going to dremel the 2nd storm trooper case to fit that in somehow
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