Monitor problem Asus MX239H

Hi I seem to have a problem with my Asus MX239H IPS monitor.

On the bottom right of the display there seems to be some horizontal lines that are vertically moving down. Furthermore, on a fully white coloured page which I tested with notepad on full screen, I noticed that the right hand side of the monitor is darker and blueish rather than white. In addition, if I look closely I can see what I think is tiny green dots in the middle of the pixels.

I bought this monitor from Amazon UK and had it for 1 month now. Can anyone give me some advice on whether I can get a replacement from Amazon because I believe it is a faulty unit and the procedure to do it.

I appreciate all the help I can get.

Thank you very much.

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    Drop Amazon Customer service and email, their procedures may vary for electronic components from the norm
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