Strange freezing issue with Windows 8

Tried Windows 8 for a week or 2 and during that time my PC would freeze almost every 5 mins to the second(yh,I timed it-lol) .
First thought was that it was some driver issue so i updated all my drivers -no joy.
Then my next guesstimate was that perhaps my HD was on the way out-tested using HD Tune,seatools and GSmartcontrol-no bad sectors and all measurements with working parameters,again no joy.
Next, a BIOS issue maybe?updated BIOS-wrong again.
Eventually gave up and went back to Windows 7 -no freezing now for 2 weeks,same as before W8 was installed.
A fair assumption would be that ther was some incompatibility issue with W8 but what,I've no idea.
Any help would be most appreciated because if I'm being honest,I quite like W8.
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  1. I would bet its a log file being written to or purged by the system.
  2. I would bet its a log file being written to or purged by the system.[
    Never considered that,waht kind of log file would be written every 5 mins,consuming all the PC's resources forcing it to freeze?
  3. Should have probably added that heat doesn't seem to be an issue either,31-33c idle and 50c on load for CPU,GPU 40c idle (Dual Screen mode) and 75c load.
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