Retention clip not locking on my Gigabyte 760 card

Hey folks. I'm working on my first build and have just installed the graphics card. It's a Gigabyte 760, going on an Asus Z87-A motherboard. When I press the card into the PCI-e slot it "appears" to seat evenly and I can easily install the screws at the bracket. But the retaining clip never clicks. As a matter of fact, the release raises back up until it hits the bottom of the card and it can't close any further.

Normal or Problem? Thanks!
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  1. Take out your card and place it in again, you need more force than you know, until you here a click, there could be problems when you run your PC.
  2. I honestly don't think it can click. The retention clip raises up like it should when I press on it but then hits the bottom of the card and stops. It's like there's not enough clearance between the card and the clip for the clip to raise all the way and "click".
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    If you can't get it to click, at least make sure the card is secured firmly with the screws.
  4. Actually I may have wasted everyone's time. After really inspecting it I think everything is the way it should be. The clip is closed. No click though. The angle on the arm of the click made me think it wasn't closed all the way but it looks exactly like all the PCI-e slots do with closed clips. All is well I think. Thanks for your time though!
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