Questions About 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz on Linksys EA6400 AC router

1. Q: On the new linksys routers does turning on 5Ghz take away bandwidth or range from 2.4Ghz? Because I've noticed that when I turned on 5Ghz all my devices connected to the 2.4 network dropped one bar in signal strength.

2. Q: (My internet speed is 50 down 10 up) I have my router set on dual band mode and I get only 10-20Mpbs down on 2.4Ghz and 10 up, but I get the full 50 down on 5Ghz and 10 up. Is this because more bandwidth is dedicated to 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz gets capped?

3. Q: Is it smart to turn off 5Ghz all together and just dedicate all bandwidth to 2.4Ghz?

4. Q: Does anyone know if there's a way to reboot a linksys smart router from the web accessed interface because the old linksys firmware had a reboot button but the new Smart router's interface doesn't seem to have a definitive reboot button?
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    1. Its not suppose to. this device uses the magic word simultaneous unlike some cheaper routers. It contains 2 separate radio chips one for each band,
    2. Just guessing but i would bet the 2.4 band is running G or is in some form of compatibility mode. Try forcing it to support only N It could also be interference from neighbors or other devices on the 2.4
    3. I likely makes no difference. I guess the router must watch for users on the 5g band but I doubt it would cause a issue either on or off clue
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