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I've been having this problem where my monitor has been shutting off randomly. I already made a topic about that problem but this problem has caused a new problem. I was reinstalling windows in hopes to fix my other problem when my monitor shut off and I had to use the power switch in the back of my computer to turn my computer off. The power button wasnt working at all until I opened up my computer case and then closed it. Now I went to turn my computer back on and now an error keeps popping up saying that windows was shut down during installation and the setup must be restarted, press ok to restart setup and complete installation. When I restart it yhe same message pops up. My cd drive is the first on boot order so that's not the problemo either.
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  1. Might reset the CMOS, and then start all over
  2. How do I reset the CMOS?
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    There's a jumper on the mobo, check your manual, it will have the directions to where it is, if on PIN 1-2 remove and place on pins 2-3, wait a couple minutes then put it back on 1-2 and try restarting
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