overclocked pc now its running slow

recently overclocked my pc, from 3.4 to 4.0 through the amd vision control center, changed the power settings to match the cpu speed. but now after a few restarts my computer seems slower on pc start up time and every thing else, also the keyboard and web browser seems to be lagging. any suggestions for what could be wrong.
I have an angelica 1.2 mobo
fx6100 cpu
10gigs of ddr3 ram
radeon hd 7850
600 watt powersupply

im kinda new to this and im wondering if I burned anything up during overclocking I don't know how to check my cpu temp. can someone help....
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    Download and run CoreTemp for temp monitoring.....If your going to OC suggest doing so through the BIOS so YOU KNOW what gets changed, can never tell with this software stuff, especially since it's generally a generic program from the mobo maker
  2. Hi, I am having same issue. Overclocked my cpu (fx6100) to 3.8 Ghz and it seems to run slower. However all test and temperatures are within normal parameters.
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