How to mobile GPUs compare to desktop ones?

I'm looking at this laptop

which has a GTX660M GPU with 2 MB DDR5 memory.

I have no clue how that stacks up against desktop GPUs.
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  1. Well, all mobile processing units (CPUs and GPUs) are horribly weak next to their strong and dedicated desktop counterparts. Just for a weak, general comparison:
    According to NVIDIAs own GeForce website the 660M scores a little above 10,000 on 3D Mark Vantage while the GTX 660 scores almost a 30,000. So even just off a benchmark you can see the non-mobile counterpart (according to the name of the cards) is almost 3x more powerful. The GTX Titan and GTX 780 both score around 50,000. The GTX 650 even scores about 15,000.

    GTX 660
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    Comparing with what ?? if you comparing with the same GTX 660 desktop version,it just like HEAVEN(GTX 660 desktop) and EARTH(GTX660M) :D

    See This,3107-7.html on that chart you can see a tier or grade between your Mobile GPU to Other Mobile or desktop GPU
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