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I'm looking for some assistance in putting together a home server. My primary concern is that it's low-powered, decently quiet and in a small-ish package. If possible, I'd like it to be able to stream 1080p content across my home network... but if not, not huge deal. I might also use it for some light subversion and P2P content syncing.

I read another post that had some convincing arguments for using 2.5" drives, so I'm down with that, except that I do already have 1 3.5" 2TB drive available. Also storage wise, I won't need more than 4-6TB.

Mostly I just need some suggestions on CPU/MOBO combo and an appropriate case. Time-frame is... sometime this summer. Thank you for any assistance!
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  1. So in an attempt to put something together myself, I've come up with this...
    Intel Core i3 4330T (comes out in September) - 35W
    Asus H87M-E Micro ATX LGA1150 Motherboard - 60W (not sure how to find a lower watt MOBO)
    Silverstone SST-SG02B-F-USB3.0

    I can use the two 5.25" bays for 2.5" adaptors for when I need additional storage.
    If anyone has any suggestions on shrinking the box and/or reducing power consumption, that would be great.
  2. Hi, my advice is to get a core 2 duo (pretty old but cheap and does not get too hot) . for the mother board i advise a intel DQ45EK it uses ddr2 ram but that should not matter. it only supports 4gb ram but that is enough. Because the motherboard is mini itx you can use a mini itx case like the Apex MI-008(250w Power Supply included) or Cooler Master Elite 130(no Power Supply). Hope this is helpful!
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