Which is the best GPU for Gaming that will last for a while (by that i mean the ultra settings that will last)?

I have no idea what to get for a gaming GPU.If someone can help me i want to find a GPU that the ultra settings will last for atleast a long time and will last for while and won't burn out for a while.i would like to find a GPU thats good for FPS,Thirdperson,a small amount of MMORPG League of legends Dota 2,RPG,and more but mainly good for Far Cry 3,Battlefield 4,Battlefield 3,Skyrim,Tomb Raider,Just Cause 2,Medal of honor,Dead risings,Batman trilogy of games,Saints row IV,And many more i would like all those examples on ultra settings i like to find a good GPU that has maybe 6 or 4GB and have kinda a lot of VRam.I already know for the CPU its the AMD FX 8350 overclocked 5Ghz or 5.3Ghz.If someone can help me that will be great.
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  1. Doesn't exist.
  2. HD 7970 Ghz, gtx 770. What is your budjet for the GPU?
  3. Get 2 titans.
  4. I'm having trouble guessing what your needs are..... based upon what you are looking for RAM wise, I can only conclude 3 screens at 5760 x 1080. Your question is just about impossible to answer without resolution and budget.
  5. If you have the money, get the titan
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    Get a severely overclocked GTX 780 or wait for the 780 Ti, both will outperform the Titan in games. They cost $550+ and $700+ respectively.

    Also don't forget a good enough PSU to run the card and one hell of a cooler for your 5GHz+ FX 8350
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