My computer suddenly has a hard time running ALL of my games

So, about a month ago, I do believe I was playing LoL when I noticed I was getting unusually bad FPS, I usually hang at a solid 60 all the time, and this game was constantly at 20-45. I thought nothing of it, because every now and then I'd get a game like that. This time it didn't go away. Every single game starts out at 60fps, and after about 5 minutes, never goes above 45. It still never went away. Later on I found out that this is happening on every game I play, even on very simple games like Terraria, it just lags crazy hard. Loading screens that took 2-10 seconds on some games now take upwards of 30 seconds, other games freeze for a second every minute or two, and so on. The only game that appeared to go unaffected was Dishonored.

I've tried: Checking for malware, viruses, cleaning my registry, defragging, overclocking AND underclocking (with MSI Afterburner(according to MSI, my temps and fans are normal)), dusting out my entire case, making sure the graphics card wasn't loose, checked for programs using a lot of memory (none were abnormally high), and reinstalled many of the games.

I'm on the edge of seeking help from Best Buy or something, and this is a last resort. So any help I can get here will be greatly appreciated. My card is a GeForce GTX 550 Ti, and if I need to post anything else just say so, and thanks in advance.
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  1. If you have done what you said very thoroughly, the only thing left I can think of is reinstalling or updating your drivers. Your graphics card driver may be a little outdated.
  2. I tried reinstalling them, and nothing changes. Could it be that my processor could be going bad? Since load screens take forever now?
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    Imanity said:
    I tried reinstalling them, and nothing changes. Could it be that my processor could be going bad? Since load screens take forever now?

    You seem to be a smart person so this may is a dumb answer: It could also be your PSU not giving enough power. Not enough power could as well cause your whole system to slow down. Or, like you have said, it could be your CPU wearing out. It is hard to give accurate answers because anything can slow a computer down.

    Another thing you can do to deal with your constant lag, is to use a program such as Game Booster. Game Booster is a free program that "kills" uneeded processes. If this helps significantly, then we know what your problem is; if it doesn't, we will look even further.
  4. I did try using game booster a while ago, and it hardly made a change. I tried using it again and it's a very small difference, but noticable. How would I go about judging if my PSU is granting enough power? Thanks for the compliment, but I'm not exactly the smartest computer person, I mostly know what to look for when buying, but that's about it.
  5. Overheating?
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